What makes a good teacher

Essay by Mashutka April 2004

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Sometimes we may hear, "I will never forget my teacher. He was so good!" or "I don't know the subject because my teacher was not good." Listening to these and other statements of the kind we begin to wonder what makes a good teacher. I will try to dwell on the subject from the students' point of view.

To begin with, a good teacher should be intelligent and knowledgeable. It goes without saying, that a teacher should be good at the subject he / she teaches. But that is not enough, as there are people who know this or that subject perfectly well but are completely incapable of teaching others, of passing their knowledge to others. Besides, a good teacher should be all - round developed and have a wide scope of mind.

Furthermore, a good teacher should be well - organised, punctual and tidy. Only in this case he / she could demand the same from his / her students. Students would both respect their teacher and try to develop such qualities in themselves. To be honest, not all students are able to organise their work and time in the right way, so such a teacher could be very helpful here.

Lastly, a good teacher should always remember that he / she is a living being, not a robot or computer. A teacher should not be afraid of feelings and emotions and should not be afraid of revealing them either. Students would look up to their teacher if he / she was communicative, easy - going and sincere. In addition, a good teacher never looks down on students, as he / she respects students' opinions and personalities.

On balance, taking everything into consideration, we may state that becoming a good teacher is a...