What Makes High Fantasy Heroes or Heroine Different?

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High Fantasy Essay

What Makes High Fantasy Heroes or Heroine Different

September 16, 2006

High Fantasy Essay 2

What Makes High Fantasy Heroes or Heroine Different

There are many elements of a high fantasy story tend to more involve the characters surroundings or abilities. The book classifies it as "Exotic lands, outrageous characters, seemingly impossible odds, and never-ending complications…" (Roberts 207). I see it as normal looking and acting characters that do something uncommon or extraordinary. I am going to point out some things that the characters in their respecting stories did to change them from normal to extraordinary.

My first story is about an English student in The Gray Wolf (Works of Fancy and Imagination, 1871). This English student was stuck out in a storm walking around. The student ends up finding a cliff and down the cliff there was a cave.

He scaled the cliff to get to the cave where he finds this girl. The girl led him from the cave to her hut. He ate, drank, and talked the young girl and her mom. He eventually lies down but fell in and out of sleep due to the storm. He woke up to a pain in his shoulder to see a wolf is biting him. He gets his knife out and hurts it with the knife and his hands. He wakes up in the morning and eats breakfast and noticed that the girl is not there. She shows up eventually and is wearing a scarf. Her mom ends up taking off the scarf and she noticed that the student was looking at the marks on her neck. He realized that she was the wolf and ran for the door. He happened to look back and she turned in to the wolf and tried to attack him again. He got out the door and kept running. In the story the student was up against an impossible changing creature but with his wits and skills he was able to defend himself and get away. He overcame any odds thrown at him to ensure his survival.

My second story is about Mr. Wran an attorney it seems and his secretary Miss Millick in Smoke Ghost (Unknown Worlds, October 1941). Mr. Wran asked his secretary if she believed in ghost.

His secretary remembering his troubled childhood past and answered him. He keeps having visions that

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start to cause paranoia causing him to start to see a psychologist. Then the story lets onto his abilities and how he could see objects even through walls. He tried to go home one night but had a vision and ended up back at his office due to his paranoia. So Mr. Wran's wife ends up calling his office wondering why he has not come home. She also said their son kept saying "Black man, black man" (Roberts 291). Then his secretary shows up at the office and gets possessed by a ghost. She ends up chasing him to the roof. He tells the ghost "The world is yours to do with as you will, save or tear to pieces," (Roberts 293). The ghost ends up leaving his secretary's body. Mr. Wran is left wondering how long before it will attack him again. Mr. Wran abilities give him the edge in this story along with keen wit.

My third story is The Malaysian Mer (Neptune Rising: Songs and Tales of the Undersea Folk, 1982). Mrs. Stambley was new to the city and attending a tour. Her senses led her to this one shop. It was a shop full of deep sea magic. "So deep and dark it might have been called up from the Mariana Trench" (Roberts 321) was how the book describes the shop. While looking around she sees what is called a Malaysian mer which the book says "The Malaysian killed the monkeys, cut off the top half, from the navel up, and sewed on a fish tail." (Roberts 322). She ends up staring it in the eye and finding her self in another place. It was an underwater place that was out of this world. In the underwater place she sees a maze and the mer. The mer attacks her and they begin fighting back and forth with air and sea magic. She gets free and ends up back at the shop. This character although seemed normal on the outside; she possessed the knowledge of magic. That made her a very intriguing character.

All these stories had a character that overcomes the odds by using a special power or wit and skill. This makes all the stories really interesting and keeps my attention. These are stories that don't just in action but don't drag it out either making you wonder what is in store for this person. High fantasy was defiantly about the characters and their hidden abilities.

High Fantasy Essay 3

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