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What makes a good Leader? Brad Carlson March 25,2001 What makes a leader? This question has been posed in many areas within our everyday lives. This question is asked in the business, religious, social, and most often in the political world.

Throughout our world's history, even if you look back to the beginning of man, you will see that there have always been leaders. Some of these leaders were natural leaders, and others were born into the position. The question is, what makes a leader? What causes the certain individual to do the things they do, make the decisions they do, and act the way they do on certain issues. There are many different types of leaders. There are sports leaders, business leaders, etc"¦ I will mainly be looking at what goes into being a political leader.

If you look at the definition of leadership it would be the process of providing purpose, direction, and motivation to other individuals.

There are certain morals and values that make up each one of these individuals. There are three elements that set the foundation for a leader. They are: political socialization, political recruitment, and political communication. I am going to break down these three elements that go into a leader, then apply them to one of our real life leaders. I am going to take a look at the economic decisions that President Bill Clinton has made and see where the three elements have played a role in the decision making process. In order to see how these three elements play a role in the decisions that a leader makes, one has to know what they are.

Political socialization is the process an individual goes through to inherit their cognitive, affective, and evaluative sense towards the political world. Cognition is the process...