what makes a leader?

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Al Joseph Dubouzet

Topics in Women and Society

March 3, 2014

What Makes a Leader?

In my Topics in Women and Society class, we touched upon the topic of what makes a leader? Specifically, referring to women leaders. According to How Remarkable Women Lead, it said a female leader was "taller, more beautiful, more accomplished, had more sparkle" and even the author did not have these attributes. She did not feel accomplished and wanted the same thing these leaders according to her definition had. To answer this question, first, being tall and beautiful does not have anything to do with being a leader. It is the actions of the person who guides their people that makes a leader. What makes the people follow their leader? Through the leader's enthusiasm, they're ability to gain the trust of others, and must be confident in whatever they are trying to accomplish. These qualities are not in or for everybody, but that does not mean it is not obtainable.

Being a leader for anything comes with hard work and it requires a whole lot of dedication. Some examples of these leaders are Gloria Buckman Yankson, Folorunsho Alakija, and Mary Okello. All these women are from Africa and each one of them come from different countries showing how being leader and standing for yourself is very important.

Gloria Buckman Yankson was born in the country of Ghana. In Ghana a third of Ghanaians believe that its okay for men to beat his wife. Furthermore, 15 to 30 percent of women are circumcised towards the northern part of Ghana which makes it hard to have a lot of women leaders to work in the business industry. These discriminations can be said to be a part of daily life, but that does not stop enthusiastic...