What makes my life worth living?

Essay by miabanzon February 2003

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Sometimes when I'm feeling blue, a lot of "what if" questions enter my mind. Questions like what if I run away from home? What if I pretend to be sick? What if I just lie? What if I go somewhere else where no one knows me? And the scariest of all my questions is what if I kill myself?

Death is my greatest fear. It is the fear of the unknown. I don't have any idea of how painful it could be to die. I don't know if I'm going to heaven or to hell. I don't know if I've already done my mission. I don't know if the people I love would be okay if I can't be there for them. But it could probably be such a relief. Being dead would probably mean no more studying, no more responsibilities, no more pain. Being able to leave this world full of evil would seemingly be wonderful.

But what holds me back from killing myself? What holds me back from being able to escape with everything that I have to deal with? My number one reason would have to be being afraid to go to hell. They say that people who kill themselves go straight to hell. I wouldn't want that to happen to me. It's better to suffer for a whole lifetime than to suffer for all eternity. My next reason would be not being able to bear the pain I would cause for the people who love me. When one kills himself, he also kills the people who loves him. Killing the people who love me means that I don't end their lives but killing them spiritually. I would kill all the dreams my parents have for me and everything else. My mother risked her life when she...