What Makes People So Strong

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What makes people so strong? We often face up small or large obstacle through our life. It is very difficult to overcome the obstacle. Whoever overcomes small or large obstacle through their life can have strong personality and mentality. Bell Hooks, Gorge Orwell, and Gloria Steinem are good examples of people who have overcome obstacles and achieve their goals in life. They have challenged their fate and became strong. I would like to explain how they maintain their strength through out their life.

Bell Hooks is an African American woman who lives in Kentucky, with a working class parents. Unlike the people who live near her, she entered into the Stanford University. People, especially her parents, could not understand that she had to attend to the university, which is very far from home. Her parents are afraid of losing her, if she goes to the Stanford. They think that the university is a strange place.

In fact, it is a different place to her.

In her essay ¡°Keeping close to Home¡±, she explains about different culture between her home and the Stanford University. She feels that she is outsider in her school because she is not materially privileged at the University where most of her forks are. That makes her to think seriously about social class. She had to stay at school during break to save money, when her friends went to travel. Moreover, she could not share the sensibility with her friends. For example, the way they think about their parents made her shock. They do not respect their parents. They just think that it is the obligation of the parents to give them care.

Nevertheless the facts that Hooks had not enough money, and had to struggle for herself to adopt school, she got an ability of...