What makes a religion good or bad?

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What makes a religion good or bad?

A religion can not be defined as either good or bad as religion is a faith, an unquestionable set of beliefs set down by a God or set of Gods. Good and bad never enters the equation.

A faith in the unknown can not be questioned for the obvious fact it is the unknown, not completely comprehendible by the human brain. Once again religion is a set of rules and regulations by which to run your life. It is the people in the religion whom take it to extremes which make a religion classifiable into the categories of good and bad.

Good defined means - an adjective indicating that something is approved of or desirable. Anything that a person does in life is not approved of by all, that is an unachievable act. Not all religions are approved of by others outside of the religion as practised by the person in question.

An example of this is the Jehovah's Witness's, they do not approve of or condone any religion bar their own. Therefore the categorising of religions into good is going to be biased depending on the stance, religion and view point of the decision maker.

Bad defined means - indicating wrongdoing. A child can hit its mother, this is a wrongdoing. An adult can kill another human, this is a wrongdoing. The word bad has unmeasurable bounds to its meaning; it depends on the meaning taken as to how you interpret its connotation. Therefore bad cannot be used to categorise religion as the meaning of bad is too broad.

In conclusion the statement what makes a religion good or bad, can ultimately never be defined. Good is from a person's perspective, and bad is doing something wrong. Any religion whether it...