What makes up a Civilization?

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A civilized person is one living in and obeying the rules of a civilization. A civilization is a complex society with many elements present such are government, religion, art, architecture, educational and writing systems, different occupations, advanced agriculture and large settlements. A civilized person follows all the laws of society. A person who is civilized could be described as educated, humane, cultured, well mannered, respectful, intelligent, and proper.

A civilized person should have a sense of etiquette and respect all living things alike. A civilized person is one who doesn't hold others misdeeds against them and knows how to forgive. As Anton Chekhov once said a truly cultured person isn't one who doesn't spill sauce on the table cloth but one who doesn't notice that someone else did. A good way to describe a civilized person would be in the phrase renaissance man/woman. A man who excels in all fields necessary for a successful and fruitful life is a civilized/renaissance person.

A good example of a civilized person would be Leonardo Da vinci. Leonardo Da vinci was a very educated and intelligent man. He was a painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist, philosopher, and simply a respectful person. Many people who considered themselves civilized, throughout history, were truly not. People like the discoverers of America who enslaved, infected, killed the Native Americans, and the nature around them could not be considered civilized. Americans in the southern states, who owned and abused African slaves, also could not be considered civilized. A civilized person would never intentionally inflict pain on another living being. A civilized person has a sort of inner culture which tells him to live the humane, ethical and correct way of life.

In conclusion a civilized person is one who lives by the rules of humanity, goodness, respect toward people...