What Makes You Better Than Me? (Essay on racism against blacks)

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Today, if you were to walk through the exciting, overpopulated streets of any city of the Eastern Coast, you would be invited in any arena of entertainment or establishment. People would not look at you twice because of the color of your skin. Today, the United States is considered the melting pot of the world; every race is mingling together as a whole. Don't be fooled by this vision you see, because it has not been like this always. Not long ago from our present time, in the 1940's people were judged by the color of their skin. This society was a black and white picture. There was the separation of the whites and African Americans. These two groups had different rules to play by, and the rules were in favor for the whites whom made the rules for this society. Many African Americans' lived in a world that they were not accepted due to the color of their skin, society though had no problem using them for their benefit and this poor race of the African Americans were reminded every waking day that their "kind" was not wanted by society.

African American's were judged in many forms. For instance, people did not like them because of their dark, brown skin which was thought to be unclean and along with this they were believed to have a stench, a smell, as society would describe it and their unkempt, unruly hair. So in other words, if they did hot fit the mold, or come close to looking like the white-man, they were plainly not worthy to be in the same environment as their judgers. Maybe this came from many years that they were considered to be property just as one would keep a...