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Running Head: Intro to Sports Management Final 4

Introduction to Sports Management Final Paper


The following paper talks about what my classmates and I did throughout the semester in the class Introduction to Sports Management. We organized a 5k run, walk and bike event called Meltfest. It was a community based event and will become a year to year event, bettering the community more and more each year. Organizing this event got the class to reach out, contact people and experience situations that may be asked of us in the future with our jobs. While organizing this event we were able to understand what our job may be like depending on what direction we go with our degree. In class we spent majority of the time thinking of ways to better the event and organized certain things like the gift bags, the route, how we were going to set up the streets etc.

After the event we thought of ways to fix things that went wrong or changes things that the people didn't like.

Relationships Between the Book and Melfest

Throughout the semester one could begin to realize the relations between the book and Meltfest. After the event we determined that the organization of Meltfest was related to communication, sport facility and event management, all of these being really important to the success of Meltfest.

The biggest relationship was communication because without communication this event wouldn't have ever happened. Meltfest got its start because of the class communicating, calling sponsors and getting ahold of anyone that would help. First we all split up into groups. I was a part of the sales group and the first thing we had to do is communicate about what each person in our group had to do. After we established what each person...