Making Change Irresistible: Overcoming Resistance to Change in Your Organization by Ken Hultman (Book Review)

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Making Change Irresistible: Overcoming Resistance to Change in Your Organization

by Ken Hultman

In this book, author Ken Hultman examines the experience of resistance to change in organizational settings. To be fully realized and overcome, resistance must be viewed as a psychological phenomenon requiring sensitivity to multifaceted human needs and motivational drives. The author's treatment of this ever timely and relevant topic rests largely on his experience as an organizational development consultant rather than on a review or critique of the extensive body of research on organizational change.

Hultman's work has a practical orientation and includes four non-standardized Likert-style inventories to help people develop self-insight. Seven exercises are also included to help prepare individuals and teams for understanding and dealing with change. Several short cases are used to illustrate a variety of issues and themes related to change with such catchy titles as "The Unassertive Employee," "The Vindictive Employee," and "If You're a Manager, You're Against Me".

Surprisingly, none of these inventories, exercises, or cases is listed in the table of contents, so readers have to search through the entire book to find what they are looking for. The bibliography is rather skimpy as well with more than a quarter of the citations to the author's other works, mostly articles published in the Training and Development Journal.

The book has been divided in sections and chapters. The first section of the book, consisting of five chapters, establishes the conceptual framework for understanding human behavior and change, while the five chapters of the second, concluding section illustrate the processes of diagnosing and overcoming resistance to change. The content of the book is such that it should be of potential interest to present or prospective change agents, and internal or external organization development consultants. Executives, managers, and administrators who are trying to...