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My First car

As far as I can remember I loved cars, especially fast cars. I always told my mom that my first car was going to be very nice. When it was time for me to buy car I needed to decide what make and model I wanted, how I was going to pay for it, and actually find were I could buy the car, and get it. My mom constantly told me that it was going to be hard work, but it would be very rewarding in the end.

First I needed to decide which make and model of car I wanted. I defiantly knew that I wanted a sports car, but which brand I was not completely sure. Mazda's make good cars but they have one draw back. Since they have a rotary engine they burn a lot of oil, and I do not want to have to be constantly checking my oil.

Another make that I was interested in was Toyota. But there engines are not real powerful and they do not handle to well, I had to hold the car on the road. When you are driving a Celica, a Toyota sports car, the steering is not responsive. Some cars like Nissan I looked at were just out of my price range. When I went to go look at a Subaru's, I drove a WRX it was very fast and responded well but the car was not comfortable. When sitting in the car I could hear the motor. It just did not feel like a safe car. After searching for what felt like years I finally found the car I wanted, Acura Integra, it had wonderful response, handling, and it was in my price rang. I...