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A cells life in the city: by tyneka butts

Wake up kids were going on a family road trip for the entire weekend.'' The kids responds`` But mom where are we going to go?'' She happily responds, `` were going to all 15 organelles!'' The mom grabbed her purse and told the kids, ``We have to go pick up the cell RV from your dad.'' The mom said in relief,' 'Good thing your dad is across the street. The kids say in starvation "mom before we leave can we eat breakfast?'' Mom replied, ``Your farther has breakfast for all of us in the RV.'' The kids say loudly, ``Mom look here comes dad with the RV.''~the mom and the kids go into the RV and eating breakfast with their dad~. The dad tells the kids, ``We are arriving to the first organelles''. The kids responded in curiosity, `` Dad which organelle is it?'' The dad responds enthusiastically, ''We are visiting the vacuole.

``Then the kids say together, ``Dad what is a vacuole.'' The dad responds "well the vacuole is a membrane-bound organelle in the cytoplasm of most cells, especially plant cells, containing water and dissolved substances such as salts, sugars, enzymes, and amino acids.

A small extracellular cavity or space within tissues.