Making the transition to university life is a major source of stress.

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Module: The transition to university life

Assignment: Referenced essay

Lecturer: Petrina - Collin

Student name: Cao Thi Hong Thuy

Student ID: 3422251

Date: 23/03/2014

Question: Making the transition to university life is a major source of stress.

Transition from high school to university is important milestone of numerous young people wanting to become graduates; however, according to research of Dr Stallman () numerous students experience high level of stress during the time. This essay will analyse four main factors leading to tension of university students in transition time.

Initially, students who have graduated from high school would start the transition to university life with university or course selection ,which is the first step to become university students as well as the first difficulty in the transition period. This may lead to stress for these students. To make a good decision in choosing an appreciate university is an uphill task for the youth at 18 years old.

As Marks poses a question for a lot of students that "Do you think that at 17 or 18 years of age, you could make a good decision about what you want to do for the rest of your life ?" and she also asserts that "I believe that for most of you, the answer to that last question would be no". She seems to be right since at the age, almost all young people are immature. They lack of experience and insight into themselves so these students find it difficult to choose a suitable university or courses. It has been proven by the fact in Vietnam. According to a research about career orientation for high school students in Hanoi Vietnam (2013, page 12), 40.56 % students at the age do not know which university they should...