Making the Wise and Mature Decision

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My name is Jordan Henricks and I am currently a junior attending Manhattan High School. As you probably already know, Manhattan, Kansas is a community that is largely based around a college campus. Kansas State University is located here and makes up a large portion of the city's 45,000 people. With a city built around a university like Kansas State, the temptations of using drugs and alcohol greatly increase. High school students observe college boys and girls intoxicating themselves on a regular basis and think it is cool. I referred to this group of college students as boys and girls because that is exactly what they are. It takes someone who is mature and wise to make the decision to stay away from intoxicating substances that are illegal, which all substances are in high school. When I was a little kid, I always wanted to think of myself as being a man instead of a boy, so I have chosen to make the mature and wise decision to pass on using illegal substances.

I will explain why I do not make any exceptions for Prom night either.

I am a letterman in three sports at a 6A high school and I consider it quite an honor. I also earned a starting position in all of the sports that I participate in, which include Football, Basketball, and Baseball. I have grown up to love athletics and enjoy playing them every minute I am given the opportunity. There is no feeling in the world that compares to an adrenaline rush while participating in athletics. The USD 383 school district has begun to enforce a new rule that requires any athlete caught with an illegal substance to be suspended for one week. A week may not seem like a long time to...