Malathion Insecticide Application

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My fellow citizens of Genericville, there are potential problems that could affect our great city on so many different levels. After reading and evaluating the arguments made by proponents on both sides, I will not support the decision to use the chemical (Dimethoxy Phosphino Thioyl Thio Butanedioic Acid Diethyl Ester), Malathion and do not see this insecticide spray as a viable solution to the potential problem at hand.

The offer for funding, by one local resident that had an unfortunate loss to one of their family members is admirable; however the family unfortunately has been misguided with their decision and are unaware of the adverse side affects that can worsen an already increasing problem. My decision is based on science and the wellbeing of the citizens of our city, and will not be influenced by money or personal gain. Regardless of the possibility for this decision to have an impact on the community's economy, would be irresponsible otherwise.

A decision in favor of this fully funded insecticide would only benefit a particular few.

When assessing the problems that can be caused by the use of Malathion, it is important to recognize and identify the potential hazards that can create added problems. After researching and assessing the relationship between the dose-response, there is additional uncertainties and concern rather than answers over using the insecticide. When researching and reviewing the Exposure assessment of using Malathion, it clearly illustrates how often, and how long humans are exposed to this Malathion Insecticide as well as illustrating how much the chemical is used. I have also provided the risk characterization data that clearly proves there is an association between certain groups of people that are at a higher risk when exposed to the chemical Malathion.

Hazard identificationThere is sufficient evidence that suggests Malathion affects multiple...