Malcolm vs Macduff

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In act one scene three, Malcolm puts Macduff through a series of tests to conclude if Macduff is indeed loyal to him and his future kinghood. Macduff starts out by asking Malcolm to return with him and regain his royalties. To this proposition, Malcolm was suspicious, and blatantly stated to Macduff that he did not trust him because he once served with the evil Macbeth. Malcolm thought his return would be an ambush in which he would be slain. Macduff responds to this by pledging to Malcolm that he is not treacherous and is only trying to help Malcolm on his way to the thrown. With that, Malcolm began to test Macduff?s loyalty.

Malcolm began the test by saying ?Or wear it on my sword (Macbeth?s head), yet my poor country/ Shall have more vices than it had before,/ More suffer, and more sundry ways than ever,/ By him that shall succeed? (Macbeth 4.

3. 46-49) He continues to say that he will make Macbeth seem like a lamb, being compared to his reign of terror. He says that his sexual thirst is great, and he will have is way with all of the females of the kingdom. Macduff responds by saying that no man could do worse than the evil Macbeth. He assures Malcolm that many women will come to him willingly because of his fame, so he would not have to ravage all of the women in the kingdom.

Malcolm persisted by saying that he will take the noble?s land back, steal their jewels, and covet their houses. He claims he will grow more gluttonous for their possessions while he reigns, and he will destroy them for wealth. Macduff, ever confident in his king, says, ?it (greed) hath been/ The sword...