Malcolm X and King Jr

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Rev. Martin Luther King jr. and Malcolm X were fighting side by side for a common goal. This goal was to end segregation and unit people of all colors under one government where every one is equal and has equal opportunities. King and Malcolm X had different approaches to reach this common goal though. King had a non-violent approach to reach this goal, while Malcolm use a very pro-black and violent group called the black panthers.

One problem Malcolm X came across was that he was ridiculed for his ways of getting what he wants. People often questioned if his tactics helped the black race overall or hurt their progression by making whites think that they were nothing but brut savages who could only do lower end jobs. Malcolm and the black panthers believed heavily in the black is beautiful theory and carried great pride in being black. They often resorted to violence in response to what was happing to the equal rights movement.

Malcolm X having a vast power in the black panthers became a target for all kinds of blatant racism.

Rev. Martin Luther King jr. had very different approach to reach this goal he shared with Malcolm X and the black community. King spoke at many rallies to gain support, lead boycotts and strikes, and helped out groups like the NAACP. He only became famous after being arrest for being at the head of a strike, which caught the eye of the national presses. From then on he continued to push for equal rights and opportunities. He gained so much support that he made his famous speech in front of the Washington monument where he made a great breakthrough to his followers and made a large step forward for his goal. Many people like King's...