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Warning: I'm a german student.Be aware of mistakes.Thank you.

These are my notes about Malcolm X when I do a presentation about him.

Malcolm XBirth: May 9th 1925 in Omaha/NebraskaMother: born on Grenada and grew up thereFather: preacher, activist in first black civil rights movement founded by MarcusGarvey- Nebraska, Omaha (birth of Malcolm) than moved to Lansing (father was treated by the „Ku-Klux-Klan“)- Malcolm is the fourth of eight children- 1931 bus ran over father some thought Suizide- Malcolm thought he was killed by a white man- was involved in crimes (stealing, marihuana, burglary)- in 1939 his mother was sent to a mental institution- after this X was sent to a youth centre in 1939- he moved to his half-sister in Boston- he stayed long times in the ghetto and began to smoke „Sweet Marijane“- 1945: he founded a gang of burglars- 1946 he was caught by the police and was arrested (for 6 years)- 1949 he entered the N.o.

I. (Nation of Islam) he got confidence through this organization- came free in 1952- he denied military service a second time -> Korea war- he changed his name in Malcolm X through the organisation- 1958 he married Betty Jean Sanders- he got 4 children- X founded the Muslim Mosque Inc (March 1964)- 3 years later: X travelled to Mekka, Saudi-Arabia, Beirut, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana- Because of this trip he changed his name in El-Haji Malik El-Shabazz- After the trip he founded a new organization called organization of afro-american unity (OAAU) the mainaim was the black nationalism in a new way (Blacks should have control over their living environment)- X gave his last speech at the 18 Feb in 1965- Someone shot at X’s breast with a shotgun.

- X’s two organizations (OAAU and the Muslim Mosque)...