Malcolm X's hierarchy of needs chart.

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Psychological Needs

Malcolm X, just like anybody else, needed air, water, and food supply to be able to survive. Fortunately this was given to him from his family who worked to supply him with what he needed to live. Later on, when his parents were not there anymore for him, he needed to find these psychological needs and the choice he made was the negative one; by stealing, robbing, and doing "dirty" jobs. Even if illegal, that supplied Malcolm with his needs.

Safety Needs

Since Malcolm's father was always threatened to be killed by white people, Malcolm needed safety. The Whites might have killed him too after they killed his father. He needed a secure family, a secure home which he lacked. He achieved it when he went to live with his stepsister, Ella, in Boston. Even if it wasn't that secure, it still was enough to make him feel safer.

Love Needs

Malcolm X needed to be loved and cared for by the people he lived and associated with. Malcolm had always achieved that need from his family. His father never touched him like he beat his other children up. His stepsister, Ella welcomed him to her house and let him stay wand live with her. Also, his brothers and sisters showed their love for him by writing him letters while Malcolm was in prison. Malcolm was loved by his girlfriend and many other people who had a chance to listen to the speeches he gave.

Esteem Needs

Malcolm X did not like his race (color) at the beginning of his life. That was because he always felt humiliated and discriminated by the other races (especially the white people). But after he read books and became oblivious to the religion of Islam, he started to gain his self-esteem understanding...