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We watched and read the biography of Malcolm X in class these past couple of weeks. And in both the movie and the film they portrayed Malcolm to be an extremist leader and a racist. He hated white and preached the use of force at any means necessary. He wanted to take away everything so many other Black leaders at the time worked fro and that was to get rid of segregation in society he wanted to keep everything segregated. Then after going to Mecca he changed and did accept white help but they could not join his new church. There was so much emotion involved in the movie it was hard not to feel something on way or another.

I believe Malcolm X was one of the biggest and most obvious extremist leaders in America. He wanted his followers to be armed and use guns against any white threats.

This could only cause more problems for the black society. Imagine having a bunch of black people running around with guns and then imagine what the whites would do in return they would get guns to protect themselves. Then eventually it would only ending up in blood shed and ruin the whole Equal Rights movement. This was not the best way to preach to his followers to use violence if necessary. How can you expect to have the white man not bother you if you are too running around with guns?

Secondly Malcolm X was a racist and hated all the white men. His famous quote about JFK proved this fact when he said "the chickens came home to roost." The scene where the college coed was sincerely trying to help his cause and he turned he down right away. He never wanted the help of a white man and...