What is it about a male hero that may make up a story/poem like this, does it always have to be a male, any conventions, anything that Christina did not follow?

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Analysis - "After Death"Christina RossettiIn "After Death" by Christina Rossetti (1862), she writes like she, the speaker is below the male figure in the poem. The time that she has this poem in, women had no rights compared to the male society. The speaker can see and talk even after death, she is observing her lover when he comes to see her. She then figures out that her lover only loved her once she was dead.

The theme of this poem is about a woman, speaking out and criticising a certain man that she knew when she was alive, it is also about death and mourning. "He pitied me; and very sweet it is to know he still is warm though I am cold". The word 'cold' could be saying that she could physically be dead or the love that she once felt for the man could be the one that is lifeless.

Even though he loves her now, that love is now useless to her since her love for him has already died. The male could be faking his love for her, lying to her even after death. It may be that he is still thinking that she is too far under his class for him to even glimpse at her to say his last good byes. This fact is displayed in the line "He did not touch, or take my hand in his, or ruffle the smooth pillows for my head".

The type of audience for this certain poem would be Christians, or people studying religion. The form of this poem would be an Italian sonnet, Christina followed the conventions of the fourteen lined iambic pentameter poem, and she also had the rhyming scheme of a sonnet.

The style of this poem has colloquial language,