Males And Females

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Society's Customs The society we live in today has many different customs of how we should act and how we should live. Society is almost in some aspect trained to what they should do. We have been brought up on how to judge other people, told how to live, and how to work in todays society. When we look at people go to work in the morning they almost resemble marching ants. Society seems so scheduled and ordered, that its almost if you do your own thing and make your own decesions you almost seem wrong. This aspect on societies trained and scheduled custom is very intresting and should be considered more often.

The way societies is brought up has an important impact on its customs. As children, most people are told what is right, what is wrong, and almost told how to act. People are also sometimes told what kind of people to like, and who not to like.

Being brought up in certain environments can alter how people act in society. For example, if a person is brought up in a poorer environment sometimes it alters them to do certain things and to believe certain things. People are also looked and judgeged diffrently sometimes. For instance, if someone from a wealthy environment commits a crime, their crime is looked at more acceptable than if someone from a more poor environment committed it. So it seems very unfair but we read about it and see it on televison every day