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Professor Deering Writing 1 The three pieces of artwork that I chose throughout the book were "El Jaleo" (PG337), "Journey Above The Clouds" (PG268) and "Famous Women Singers" (PG111). All of the following paintings have similarities and differences, the differences are the time the painting was produced, the type of painting and my overall thought of the painting. I will get into more detail about each painting later in the paper. The one similarity I noticed about all three of these painting is they are exceptionally beautiful. Each painting represents a different meaning in our culture.

The first painting I chose was "El Jaleo". John Singer Sargent (1865-1925) painted "El Jaleo". The picture represents the Spanish culture, as there are men in the background of this picture playing the guitars with their hats tilted down, and one single female dancing to the music. When looking at the picture, you eyes are brought to the dress of the female.

It clearly stands out in a bright white, while the rest of the picture is a dim black and gray. Although when looking closely at the picture, you do notice the slight hint of red that is what looks like more dancers. The painting consist of a lot of shadowing. I can imagine this painting going along with a slow tempo, soft melody, and amazing beats that the dancer could follow.

The second painting that I chose was "Journey Above The Clouds". This painting by far is my favorite among the three that I chose. Casper David Friedrich (1774-1840) did the painting. To me, this picture represents accomplishment, achievement, and overall power. In the center of the picture, there is a single man, standing with one foot propped up against a larger rock, over looking the...