A Man For All Seasons

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The Hero Lies in You Every man has a dream and his own set of beliefs, and every man has pride and dignity in what he believes in. For some, their beliefs are merely thoughts, for others, it is the drive in their life. Some live to complete their dream, and others dream to live. In the novel, A Man for All Seasons, Thomas More dreamed of a happy and humble life under God, and he believed that God would be by his side as long as he stayed true to God, and that through God he will achieve his dream.

Thomas More had everything a person can desire. He had a great job, a happy family, a nice house, people he called friends, and the love of his master, God. He had too much to lose, so failing for him was much more severe than the rest.

He knew this, and so did others, and that is why people around More were always trying to bring him down and watch him fall. But with so much to lose, Thomas More still stuck with what he believes in, his religion and devotion to God. He was willing to give up his life and all his earthly possessions to be true to his lord, God almighty.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn¡¯t have given up my life as More did if I was in More¡¯s shoes. Even if I was very deeply involved with religion, this being named God is someone whom I have never met or heard, and to give up my life and all my earthly possessions for a person I have never even spoken to seems very foolish. I do not have the courage or the faith to put my life into a stranger¡¯s hand. But Thomas More on the other hand, believed in God, and had a close bond with him. Thomas More believed that God gave him the power to make the best and the morally correct decision in all situations. So when the King gave Thomas the choice of living without God, or not living, with God, Thomas chose his death. Thomas More did not necessarily give up his life for his religion, but for himself and what he believed in. Therefore, Thomas More became a hero of his selfhood.

It is not an easy thing to stand up for your beliefs when everything that you love in on the line. You can either keep all your earthly belonging along with you life, or you can keep your faith and beliefs along with your pride and dignity. So did Thomas More accomplish his dream? In a worldly view, no, because he was crucified like his idol, and was made a public clown, but in a spiritual view, Thomas More chose to keep his pride and dignity, and therefore became a legendary martyr and a hero of selfhood, and in the end, was eventually reunited with his master, forever.