Man and man

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Theatre Arts and Film Technology

Name: Fridah Mwende

Reg No: M109/2814/2013

Unit Code: VTF 103

Unit Title: Theatre Criticism

Lecturer: Mr Kebaye

Task: Analyze and Criticize a Live Performance; Case Study Man and Man

A play in four acts by Bonface Lukunza First performed in Kenya in 2014 January by Heart Strings Ensemble as Directed by Sammy Mwangi

In the best of Bonface Lukunza work up to the production of Man and Man the thinker and preacher, while eternally trying to assert himself, was somehow subordinated to the dramatist. In this comedy -- and a philosophy -- however, the play itself is used only as a framework for an Idea. In the preface to the popular edition the author wrote: "As I have not been sparing of such lighter qualities as I could endow the book with for the sake of those who ask nothing from a play but agreeable pastime, I think it well to affirm plainly that the third act, however fantastic its legendary framework may appear, is a careful attempt to write a new Book of Genesis for the Bible of the Evolutionists...."

Not content with a long prefatory letter, he added a seventy-five page "Revolutionist's Handbook" to his 190-page play, in order to expound what of his philosophy he was unable to crowd into the incidental comedy.

As a brilliant achievement, an amusing collection of pamphlets, as a piece of sustained clear thinking, the volume is a noteworthy achievement, yet Man and Man, as a play in the ordinary sense of the word, comes near to being spoiled: there is so much dissertation and so vast a sermon, that the play -- what there is of action and character -- occasionally appears as an impertinent intrusion. Still, there is enough left when...