Man on fire

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Man on fire

"Man on fire" is a great and touching movie, which tells a story of a bodyguard names "John Creasy". Creasy was hired to protect a young daughter of a wealthy Mexico City couple "Pita" from getting kidnapped.

Creasy has a lot in common with Jesus. He has scars in his hands; he sometimes looks heavenwards why God has forsaken him. He has God's word on his mind and heart. And his initials, "J.C".

Creasy is a wounded American who meditates on bullets as much as he does the bible. However; he had drinking problems, living out of a whiskey bottle. One of the things that affected Creasy's life was Pita's scene with creasy, in which he refused to chit-chat with her in the car. He could not ignore her, and he decided that keeping her safe was a good reason to live.

When the kidnapping of Pita happened, someone shot Creasy four times, and left him to die.

By the time he wakes up, he found out that Pita was dead. He decided now that he has one reason to live, and it was "REVENGE". He promised himself to kill everyone that had to do with Pita's kidnapping. And he did it. Creasy's transformation from a grief man to a father to a killer was a big change for him.

When Creasy talked to "the voice", he told him that he will kill his brother if he did not show up. But The Voice told him that Pita was alive! Now creasy wanted to do anything to get her back. When they met, Pita was released from the kidnappers, she saw Creasy coming to her from the bridge, and she ran crying to him. He gave her diary and sent her to her mother, while...