How man Influence the Rainforest and Taiga Forest

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In terms of mans influence, rainforests and taiga forests are treated very differently. In Taiga the development is mainly sustainable whilst a lot of the development in rainforest is very destructive and unsustainable.


Rainforests are being destroyed by all kinds of different development, one of the main one is logging. The rainforest contain lots of valuable trees that are in high demand including the mahogany. In fact research shows that for every one mahogany tree gets taken down twenty eight trees probably die.

Another type of unsustainable and probably the most damaging is cattle ranching. Tens and thousands of cows are spread out over a huge area and these heavy cows just eats the grass and kills the grass by stepping on them. The grass will become weak and will take a long time to re grow and the new grass will also be relatively weak. Therefore every so often the cattle ranchers moves to destroy another plot of valuable land.

Open cast mining can also be destructive since it causes major deforestation and the soil will become lose and it will be a lot harder for grass and trees to grow later on.

Since trees and other products have to be transported out of the rainforest roads have to be built causing deforestation.

Man also affect tribes in the Amazon. They claim that logging companies will change and end tribes such as Mashco-Piros, Amahuaca, Yaminahuas, and Yora tribes' way of life and culture, which could possibly even become extinct since this has happened to other tribes in Amazon before.

However there is still small amount of sustainable development for example the latex from rubber trees, the farmers just gets the latex from the tree without really damaging them and allowing them to re grow.