The Man that Saved the Union

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Abraham Lincoln was the last President of the United States who could genuinely use words. Lincoln's speech tells us, that Lincoln was a master of the spoken word. Perhaps the best parts of Lincoln's construction of his speeches were his use of the biblical construction. It's easy to think of Lincoln as an undereducated, self-made man, which of he was, but he also was a highly literate, well-read man who had given himself a well-rounded education.

Lincoln uses of words like "brought forth," "conceived," "created," and "a new birth of freedom" insistently in his speeches. Which give a since or image of birth. Birth and Death! He left our country with ideals of freedom and equality joined to the Christian sacrificial act of death and rebirth. What Lincoln did in his speeches was beyond religion and faith, he implied ever lasting challenges, obstacles, and hope that our country is faced with today.

Abraham Lincoln made frequent use of the Bible language and illustrations drawn from the sacred writings of the Christian religion. He would spend hours trying to find words that express the idea that republicans could not continuously to endure a nation half free and half slave. One passage he used form the Bible, which probably was the best passage he ever used in his efforts to influence resolution to the division of the union was, "A house divided against itself can not stand." When Lincoln spoke he did not chose to just speak to his country alone, but he spoke with hope to attain freedom in all countries. With the proposition that all man are created equal was possible for all nations, and if America under God achieved a new birth of freedom, it would stand as an example to all nations.

Lincoln uses the form of valid...