The Man From Snowy River Movie Review

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Touted by many as an Australian masterpiece, The Man From Snowy River is a sweeping epic of love, life and horses. The story begins when a man's life ends; young cowboy Jim Craig's (Tom Burlinson) father Henry dies unexpectedly. Although Jim hasn't left the land of Snowy River for his entire eighteen years, the time has finally come for him to venture out on his own. Determined to prove himself as a man, not a boy, Jim sets out to the low lands to earn some money and hopefully, earn some self respect.

Jim finds a decent job without too much trouble. He needs to earn the respect of his fellow ranchers in order to return to Snowy River and rightfully claim and maintain his father's land. The low lands are where Jim experiences his first taste of adversity from disgruntled ranchers who don't take him seriously. This is also where Jim meets his first love, the beautiful and fiery Jessica Harrison (Sigrid Thornton).

In a soap opera-style twist, Kirk Douglas (in a dual role) plays twin brothers Harrison and Spur, two men separated for years by a long standing feud. The men cross paths again via Jim, as one of the brothers was Jim's deceased father's best friend, the other the father of Jim's newfound love. Although the connection is a bit far fetched, it is pulled off convincingly enough with the focus becoming the two young lovers caught in the middle of it all.

The Man From Snowy River has received high praise for its successful delivery on multiple levels. The story is one of courage, without much bloodshed or gore. The story is also one of first love, without looks of lust or gratuitous sex. Instead, in place of moviemakers' more popular ploys, we get a...