Man Vs Machine

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Man vs. Machine Scientists are able to study the way dogs, cats and any other animal thinks and reacts. We are able to understand the methods by which these animals think and live. However we never can be sure if we understand the way they are thinking or if we just know the way they are thinking through our own perspective. No matter how many times we try to put ourselves in the place of an animal we will still be seeing that animals life through the perspective of a humans.

If we can never view the lives of others through their eyes but only our own, how can we ever expect a robot, a machine, to think and act like a human. I agree that it might be possible for machines to talk and carry out the everyday life and routines of a human. However, a machine will never be created with the ability to have feelings and emotions like a human.

Now lets look at the capabilities of science. Can scientists create a robot that has the ability to act and carry out the job of a human? Yes! Machines are already taking the place of humans on assembly lines and in factories. Are these machines faultless? NO! There is no such thing as the perfect machine or the perfect person. Everyone and everything has its faults. The machine may be more productive. It will be there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, holidays, snow, rain or sine. Sounds like the machine may be a perfect. However, what happens when the machine jams or breaks down. Then the company can't do anything until the machine gets repaired. Where as if it was an assembly line and one of the workers didn't show up they could just...