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'The implementation of strategic change is likely to be problematic. This is especially likely to be the case in situations where this type of change involves people, and in which personal relationships and emotional responses are predominant' (Thornhill et al, 2000, p.14)Discuss this statement, drawing upon what the literature has to say about the nature of change; the reasons why strategic change so often gives rise to problems or difficulties; and the most effective approaches to adopt in order to avoid or minimise those characteristic problems or difficulties.

IntroductionThe management of change and the problems presented by change are nothing new despite the more recent focus on such processes. For many years we have associated change management with overcoming personal angst and/or resistance to such change. Perhaps the first to recognise such a connection was the Greek playwright Euripides when his character Iphigenia stated 'There is something in the pang of change more than the heart can bear, unhappiness remembering happiness.'

(484 - 406 B.C.) His reflections on the emotions of change remain current where we now assess change as strategic or non-strategic change.

In order to discuss the statement at the question we must define the difference between strategic and non-strategic change. This can be achieved by first defining strategic change as:'The process of organisational transformation and renewal that applies innovative and entrepreneurial skills to develop an envisioned future, to draw out the entire organisations capabilities, competences, knowledge and individuals skills with the objective of improving operating performance, realising growth, increasing shareholder value and creating new wealth.' (HC&P 2003)Henceforth non-strategic change can be simply defined as those actions that bring about change with no strategic process. An example of each can be applied as follows. Strategic change would be where a business or organisation relocates it's premises to increase...