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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to discuss about why in the last financial year, managed funds had been able to gain their best returns in the last seven years after some losses in the previous financial years. This discussion, will then lead into analysis about the impact of this issue on the financial institutions, instruments, and markets; and also analysis about the prediction of future developments of managed funds.

1.2 Background

Managed fund is one of the investment method alternatives for investors. In general, it can be said that managed funds have gained an amazing growth in the last decades. However, with recent developments, it is interesting to look at more deeply about managed funds and its existence in the financial world.

1.3 Scope

Managed funds, to some extent, is a very wide topic area and has a lot of important factors; therefore, it is almost impossible to analyze all those factors in this report.

Thus, factors that will be analyzed are only those that have strong correlation with the main issue in this report.

1.4 Methodology

The type of data that were collected for this report includes data/information from the internet, text books/hard copy, journal articles, and also some speeches made by important people.

1.5 Assumption

In this report, it is assumed that all the data collected were correct at the time of this report being written or at the time when the sources of the data being written.

1.6 Plan

This report's plan firstly is to analyze all the information about managed funds; then, about the main issue and its impact on the financial institutions, instruments, and markets; and last, to predict the future development of managed funds.

2. What is Managed Funds?

Basically, there are a lot of definitions that can...