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There are four functions in management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These are the key functions that make up the formula to create a successful and efficient work environment. You must first figure out what you want your outcome to be. What type of work experience do you want your clients and your staff to have? What type of environment would you like to create, and what pace will you set for your office? Once you've figured out what it is you want accomplished it is then time to put your vision into motion. You have to strategically place your elements in your mind or on paper, so that you have the most effective outcome. You then have to arrange your staff and your workspace systematically so that there is a productive rhythm to your office and there are smooth transitions. Always make sure that you are satisfied with the responsibilities you have allocated to each individual staff member.

This way if there are any problems that arise, they are not catastrophic, they do not stop the entire production, if anything, they just slow it down, and most importantly, can be fixed internally, without consumers knowing there was ever a problem. As a manager you must be able to find the balance between maintaining authority and respecting your team. It is your job to delegate using the knowledge you have of the systems, while still being connected with your staff to make sure all is running as it should. You should be a liaison between your staff and your colleagues, making sure that there is the right chemistry to produce the goal that everyone is working toward. You have to be able to assist where needed, and foresee many potential situations, and in the event that those situations occur you...