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Management at Service Sector


Today every service sector organisation needs to have a sound management plan in order to cope with the upcoming challenges of industry. The plan must include a clear assessment and awareness about the challenges. (Mcintosh et al, 2000) In this essay, challenges faced by the management of retail and hospitality industry in recruitment process and how such challenges can be overcome will be discussed. Today, success of retail and hospitality industry depends largely on managing the challenges of hiring its workforce. To that end, a critical factor is the ability to recruit and retain the right people with the right skills and place them in an environment that promotes efficient execution of service sector strategy. (Korczynski, 2002)

Challenges faced by the Management in Service Sector

Management of people in the service sector and Managing Customer encounter

All the management of service sector needs to have is a strong strategic preparation in order to manage its people and any customer encounter.

The management plan needs to have a proper risk evaluation and awareness factor. It is clear that management can enhance it efficiency and effectiveness by exploring the operational risk elements in the context of strategic management planning, by discovering risks at the very initial point possible in the management life cycle and by making sure that stakeholders should be aware of management risks earlier than any implementations.

Proper Management of Employees according to their skills

A major challenge faced by the Management of Service Sector is clearly identifying their desired skills and allocate duties to juniour employees accordingly. Employees can be divided on basis of having skills, high skills, low skills or soft skills. Management must communicate an acceptable level of cost and risk. Management must ensure that the...