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Brand Audit

Lecture 4


Brand Audit

 In accounting, an audit is an inspection by an

outside firm of accounting records…An assessment of the firm's financial health in the form of a report.

 Brand Audit assesses the health of the brand,

discover its sources of equity, and suggest ways

to improve and leverage that equity

Why is brand audit

important for the firm?


Importance of Brand Audits

 Understand sources of brand equity

 Firm perspective

 What products and services are currently being offered?

 How they are being marketed and branded?

 Consumer perspective

 What deeply held perceptions and beliefs create the true

meaning of brands and products?


Importance of Brand Audits

 Set strategic direction for the brand

 Are the current sources of brand equity satisfactory?

 Do certain brand associations need to be strengthened?

 What brand opportunities exit and what potential

challenges exist for brand equity?

 Recommend marketing programs to maximize

long-term brand equity


Angela Ahrendts

Not enough popularity among the brand's managers themselves !

How could it be popular enough for custumers then ?

The problem came from the brand

management because the luxury global

market was flourishing.

Identification of the points on which the brand had to work :

oUbiquity of the products

 moderate prices, no link to the core business (trench coats).

oLack of British essence

 production non-exclusively British. No authenticity.

oNo clear positioning on the luxury market.

Angela's solution :

oCentralization of the designing (and design team)  every decision approved by one designer in chef.

oCentralization of the production in Britain.


 As a result of a brand audit, luxury goods

marketer Alfred Dunhill refined its classic

"English" appeal - which has been especially valuable in Asia - to...