Management "The Ability to Change"

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Summary of the Article

The article "Managers: Out with the Old and in with The New-Skills that is" by Patricia M. Buhler was a very factual article about managers. Buhler touched many different aspects of management. The big point the author made is that a manager must exhibit the ability to change. Buhler (1998) said, "Managers need technical skills, interpersonal skills, and conceptual skills." Buhler makes the point that managers need all those skills, but at each different levels of their management careers. What she meant by that is that lower levels need different amounts of these skills than higher-level managers. As a manager goes up the management ladder they must become more knowledgeable with different skills.

Next Buhler talked about The Four Functions of Management, and how in today's business world they are still used, but not as strictly. Buhler (1998) says, "That the controlling is done more and more by computers, directing should be more of a mentoring and coaching than "Commanding".

Staffing should be matching with the skills required of positions, and planning should still engage in planning, but with less rigidly." The point made is that managers need to delegate more and try not to want so much.

The author closed the article by talking about empowering workers, self-managed teams, and workplace changes. Buhler talks about how to be able to empower their workers, meaning a manager shares their power with their employees. Empowering workers does great things for a business because it lets the employees make decisions, in turn making them feel apart

Relating Article Concepts to my organization

Discussed in length during workshop one was the Functions of Management. The management process involves a set of activities in which we identify as Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. We as a class...