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The United States ArmyThe United States Army is part of the United States Armed Forces in fact it is the largest part of it. The Army was born on June 14, 1775 it has fought and won many battles since then. The Army has evolved and restructured it force many times in its history. Today the Army is composed of the Regular Army and the Reserve component which is divided into two different organizations the Army National Guard (ARNG) and the United States Army reserve (USAR. The Active component is about 500,000 soldiers strong followed by the ARNG with the strength of about 300,000 and the USAR with the strength of about 190,000 members, the combined strength of the Army is about a million members.

Most of the Army operational units can be divided into the following components from largest to smallest: Corps composed of two or more divisions with a strength of around 40,000 thousand members, the Divisions are composed of about five brigades and a Division Support Command with a strength of more that a 10,000 members.

The Brigades are composed of two or more battalions that have the strength of about 5,000 members. Following the Brigade is the Battalion composed of two to five companies with a maximum strength of about 1,000 members followed be the Companies made up of two to five platoons and the strength of about 180 members. The platoons are composed of three to seven squads and the squads are composed of about nine to ten soldiers broken down into teams of three or four members. Such a large force serves as deterrence to the enemy, when this deterrence does not work the mission of the Army changes its mission to defend or defeat enemies foreign and domestic.

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