Management and Leadership the HP Way

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Management and Leadership the HP WayUnder conditions of uncertainty or unusual challenge and difficulty, people look for help in understanding questions about what matters, what to do, what direction to take, and what they should not do. Providing people with the answers that help them with these difficult questions is the fundamental nature of leadership. The leadership style of Bill Hewlett and Bill Packard would provide the structure for the development of the "HP Way" as a unique organizational culture. Although this concept has similarities with the Japanese organizational culture, the "HP Way" stands alone as a model for organizations around the world.

In this study of the "HP Way" the roles and responsibilities of leaders will be examined in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. This study will include a discussion of the difference between management and leadership; and the role organizational managers and leaders play in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture.

Finally, two strategies will be recommended that organizational managers and leaders may implement to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

HP Begins in a GarageBill Hewlett and Dave Packard were class mates at Stanford University when HP was created. The first product introduced by the new company "was an audio oscillator-an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers." (HP, 2009). One of the first HP customers who purchased eight oscillators was Walt Disney Studios. The devices were used to develop sound systems for a new movie Fantasia. Bill and Dave's partnership became official on January 1, 1939 in a garage in Polo Alto, California. With the toss of a coin the company name was decided. In 1940 HP moved from their garage workshop to their first leased building. In 1958 Dave Packard writes 11 simple rules...