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Boise State University Masters of Public Administration Practical Applications in Public Management Fall 2000 Assignment #4 by Brian Langley Due: November 30, 2000 Assignment Four requires a written report on your management philosophy and leadership style along with what I consider my management philosophy and leadership style. When reviewing the handout materials and my notes for the class, a number of words stand out. Words like adaptable, action, advocate, anti-micro-managing, caring, clarity, commitment, courteous, dignity, direct, frank, hands-on, honest, honorable, image conscious, informed, integrity, knowledgeable, professional, respect, simplicity, supporter, and team-builder are sprinkled throughout your publications, speeches, handouts and discussions. Many of the words not only show insight into your management philosophy and leadership style, but also the person behind the philosophy and style.

Your management philosophy/leadership style One I have experienced first hand is your commitment and support of staff thus not engaging in micro managing. ?For us, responsibility and decision-making must be pushed to the person closest to the job.

Employees are backed with tools, training programs and processes that enable them to give their best. Employees know what their responsibilities are, and they are granted authority to act as necessary to meet those responsibilities.? ?Quality in Action? by Townsend and Gebhardt; by RBM. Allowing informed staff to do the job which they are paid to do, not only instills ownership but also accountability.

This also strikes home with your support and commitment of ?tools, training programs and processes?. Since 1995, employees in the Idaho Department of Labor are constantly given the necessary tools and resources to be the best no matter what their capacity or level. Automation and software training is just one example of this pledge. Every staff has a state-of-the-art computer on their desk where six years ago it was unthinkable.

?Your management style and...