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Management Behavior MemoIndividual AssignmentJune 16, 2009 MemorandumTo:First-level ManagersFrom:Pamela Rhea, Midlevel ManagerDate:7/30/2009Re:Management BehaviorThis memo is to alert all first-level managers at InterClean about the merger and welcome the new transformations with Environ Tech. This memo will first outline and explain how a manager's behavior can impact the productivity of his or her workers. Next the memo will focus on the various types of management procedures that are in line with employment laws and those that are not. Finally the memo will conclude with some best practices for working within a diverse work environment.

Many factors can affect the productivity like resources, people skills, methods and procedures, tools, familiarity of workers, management skills; however, the most imperative factor is attitude of management. Suitable leadership skills help generates a rewarding working atmosphere favorable for high productivity. Lack of management skills or negative behavior of a manager can turn the greatest job into a despondent one.

Employees not only lose their productivity and creativeness, sometime lose their work commitment as well. Impolite behavior of manager can cause an ambiance of distrust and as an end result can have an unconstructive force on efficiency and also increases the operational expenditure (Shelar, 2008).

Therefore, all managers are required to conduct themselves as professionals at all times. Each manager is to adhere by the company's mission statement, the employee's handbook and exhibit good work ethics and standards. During our merger phase each manager will be required to complete a training session which will include review of new policies and procedures, and implementation of leadership skills. This training should be very useful to help take our managers to the next transition smoothly.

Next I will discuss the types of management procedures that are in accordance with the various employment laws. Our company recognizes the "at will" which allows...