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Date: February 14, 2009To my fellow team members:As many of us have already heard, InterClean and EnviroTech are in the process of merging. This merger will offer new opportunities for learning new skills while expanding competency levels throughout the organization. I am also aware that this could be a difficult transition for many of our employees especially our sales teams. Working together and offering support to employees during this transition is vital to make sure this organization is acting in a professional manner. I have drafted this memo to outline and explain how a manager's actions and behavior can impact employee productivity while keeping in line with employment laws and those of best practices for working within a diverse work environment.

Our behavior will also create an environment where greater productivity benefits the organization and our employees. Listed is ways how the management team can help with this process:•Make sure communication is effective with all our employees•Provide adequate training and education within your teams•Provide a good safe working environment•Feedback to employees is provided consistently and regularly•Encourage employees to use any kind of resource available to perform job task (job aids, training manuals)•Express the needs and wants to employees and from us as management•Reward employees for performing jobs effectivelyIn order to be productive and positive through the transition showing our employees all or some steps will provide a positive course of action.

Behaviors are shown and play a role in how employees perceive and trust what management does. Trust can play a major factor in employees while continuing to perform at or above the level of work. According to Denton (2008), organizations with high trust levels give employees information about company performance, explains rational behind management decisions, unafraid of sharing bad news or admitting mistakes to their employees, and lastly seek...