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BSB115 - Management

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1.0 Introduction

"Gen Y" consists of those who are born between 1980-2000(Anantatmula & Shrivastav, 2012)."Gen Y" refers to people that are technology inspired, creative, confident, well educated, and have a desire to develop skills. (Gilbert, 2011) As a company, we must realize the growth of Gen Y in the workforce; in fact, by 2025 they will make up roughly 75% of the workforce (Dhawan, 2012). Employing "Gen Y" representative at "" will have advantages and disadvantages. The cause of this report is to analyse and foresee what these might be so that "" can be proactive and adapt before Gen Y employees join the business, for the benefit of both parties.

2.0 Analysis of Topic

Generation Y were born owning a computer or at least being exposed for one at a young age (Anantatmula & Shrivastav, 2012)". Their technical expertise fits the skills required for rebuilding computers.

For our business it is likely that they are able to understand the technology and build computers efficiently. "The Guardian" journalist (Rogers, Gwynn) highlights the environmental awareness amongst Gen Y (Rogers, 2013). "" core business value as an environmentally friendly business is a good fit and should motivate Gen Y staff. Both their technical skills and their environmental friendliness is a perfect match with "" business model.

Gen Y are used to constant changes and might get dissatisfied if they get "too" settled in their job. Gen Y employees would expect challenging work tasks. (Gregorio, 2013 ) .When building computers this could be an issue as the most efficient way of building is that each employee has their own specialty. Boredom could also affect the quality of the employees work.

Gen Y are less loyal to their employer. Should "" not provide the necessary...