Management Case Study: Nanshan Ski Resort.

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Starting from November 26th this winter, Beijing Nanshan Ski Village will be celebrating its 5th skiing season. As a well-known skiing resort leading winter fashion and producing happiness, As a renowned ski resort leading in sport, fashion, and entertainment, Nanshan has long enjoyed its enormous popularity among ski lovers in Beijing, especially through its original ski-field design, comprehensive facilities, and exciting activities. Nanshan Ski Village has never ceased to learn from the experience of ski fields in Europe and America and in South Korea, and to perfect itself with international operational concepts. It was the first to introduce single-board skiing into China, and the first to set up a single-board ski park in China in cooperation with MELLOW Company from Europe. It has also brought in four-man cable gliders and hosted prestigious international skiing competitions.

Nanshan - Building Skiing Brand with International Operation Concepts

For the 2005-2006 ski season, Nanshan has invested another 5 million RMB for its 5th extension project, including the opening up of a "special training area for double-board beginners", expanding the single-board park and group ski-equipment rental area, acquiring and updating ski equipments, and opening up a North-Eastern Chinese restaurant.

What would be the most eye-catching would be the "special training area for double-board beginners". Its ski course is 330 meters long and 60 meters wide, taking up an area of 20, 000 m2 and expands the ski-field business area by 20%. With the new "special double-board training area for beginners", plus the present "special training area for single-board beginners" and "entry-level skiing area", Nanshan Ski Village has become the ski resort in the Beijing suburbs offering the largest skiing area for beginners and the most complete facilities. It offers international management concepts and personalised service:

Internationalised ski area zoning. Overseas ski resorts usually divide...