Management: Competencies and Current Perspectives How Hong Kong can continue flourish

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In the following paragraphs, we are going to summarize our opinions and ideas on the topics - What we want? What we do NOT want? What we can do to avoid the worst and lead us to the best? The answers to these questions will be addressed in more details.

On the other hand, through teamwork, we learned from peers. Learning is life long. We should know how to learn from every person. We think this is the reason that we were required to finish the report by groups, instead of individuals.

So, let's start now...


In our opinion, an Ideal Society is where citizens share correct values, have plenty of opportunities to fully realize their potentials, enjoy high level of living standard and experience both materialistic and spiritual satisfaction. Hopefully, the best scenario in Hong Kong will exhibit the following characteristics:

Knowledge-based Economy and Prominent IT Centre

Hong Kong will be progressively transformed from a service-based economy to a knowledge-based economy.

The general public will certainly be very proactive to grasp the keys to success - knowledge and information technology. At that time, the education system will concentrate on both practical professional training and general basic learning that highlights different knowledge-accessing methods. Moreover, the fast, free flow of information and effective application of information technology will lead to materialistic and spiritual civilization of Hong Kong citizens. Although Hong Kong people, compared to Singaporeans, are late-starters in information technology, we can still catch up and take the lead by our aggressiveness and determination. As the Asia Silicon Valley, Hong Kong will be the nourishing place of creativity, new venture and dream-makers.

Asian Financial and Logistic Hub

Hong Kong's successful application of British Common Laws has created a reputable legal platform for both the business and social...