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In this assignment I will attempt to show how different aspects of staff management influence the recruitment of new staff into organisations.

I will cover the different stages in recruitment from the job being advertised to the new member of staff starting work and give examples of documentation produced or used during the recruitment process.

In this assignment I will also try to judge the affect of new colleagues on existing staff within an organisation and what steps are taken to make sure the experience of both parties is a positive one.

The process of hiring new staff in an organisation involves many different people and levels of management within an organisation. During this process a lot of documentation is produced and consulted. If asked most people would say the first document produced is the job advert however this happens after a number of steps.

Before an advert is produced the job has to become available, this happens for 3 main reasons, a colleague leaves the organisation, the business expands or the nature of peoples jobs changes.

Each of these reasons have their own documents associated with them, when a colleague leaves they hand in their notice to their manager or they are dismissed and given notice. During this time the company re-advertises their job to replace the colleague leaving the organisation.

If the business expands either in areas they cover or turnover it may be necessary to hire new people to make sure the company can still provide a good service. This process involves managers analysing results from MIS (management information systems) and feedback from supervisors. From these they can see whether they can afford to hire new staff and whether new staff are required. Depending on the results of this an advertisement will then be placed.