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University of PhoenixFour functions of management were created to ensure every organization has a vision and with the vision they can obtain their goals and objectives. An organization must run smoothly in order to become effective and efficient in short and longterm goals. Management has an array of job duties however; a manager should adhere to four principals of management functions. The management functions are: planning, organizing, directing and controlling (Rane,2007). Each function should be used; if one is left out it can be detrimental to the organizations goals. Jack Henry & Associates uses these functions to accomplish the goals set forth while using resources and practicing communication in an effort to develop successful strategies for the organization.

PlanningThe basis on which all successful business is built is planning. During planning goals will be established, procedures will be developed and a prediction into the future of the organization will be set.

Since the planning process is ongoing, external factors can alter the course of action in accomplishing certain goals. Management will analyze the organization and determine the strengths, weaknesses, then plan according to those factors. When an organization decides not to use the step of planning often finds themselves ill prepared when devastating issues arise.

The organization of JHA, takes this process seriously since customization software is provided to each client. If planning is not extensive it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, paying programmers and place an infamous name on the company. When the company has completed the planning process they begin to organize.

OrganizationDuring the organization process decisions must be made on the how the goals will be achieved. Resources such as personnel and vendors should be arranged properly to acquirer a smooth operation of the task. The process of organization requires a deliberate but...