Management Controls of the US Navy. Everything accomplished by a manager relates to the effective use of control.

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Everything accomplished by a manager relates to the effective use of control. In order to recognize this relationship, the purpose of management controls needs to be understood in the most simplest of terms. During the course of my study, I found a quote from an article in the Journal of Change Management that stated "Management control systems are formal, information-based routines that managers use to maintain or alter patterns in organizational activities"(Ford, M., & Greer, B., 2005, p.30). Since the job of the manager is to govern organizational activities, this quote concisely demonstrates the premise that everything a manager does relates to control. Of note is the point that these controls are all information-based routines that are a part of the organization. To key in on the term "information-based" implies that there is a reliance on the use on numerous modes of communication which can serve to remove some of the stigma from the word control.

Removing the Stigma from the Word "Control"MSN Encarta Online Dictionary defines the word stigma as "the shame or disgrace attached to something regarded as socially unacceptable" (2007). To remove this shame or disgrace from managerial control requires managers to rely on well honed communication skills. Additionally, a basic understanding of social psychology can aid the manager by allowing them to understand how their team members beliefs, feelings and behaviors can be influenced by their actions. The goal of the deliberate communications and psychological understanding is to allow a manager to remove the negatives associated with control and replace it with a feeling of belonging and self worth in the individuals that form their team.

Control Tools Used by Managers in the U.S. Navy and their EffectivenessWith 333,582 active duty sailors, 280 ships and 3700+ aircraft (, 2007), the U.S. Navy is a huge...