Management of Employee Relations.

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I received a case study and had to write a 2,000 words assignment on the following question:

Make proposals with reasons and supporting theoretical underpinning, for suitable communication approaches for improving and ensuring good employee relations, in this privately-owned and managed medium-sized business.


During the last decade staff figures of Mobile Communication Cambridge did increase to 300 employees. To coordinate these resources the Board of Directors appointed Joan Hewlett as a HR Manager. She carried out a staff attitude survey to improve the employee relations. It is analysed in this report.


To solve the problems shown by the survey several books about 'organizational behaviour', 'management of employee relations' as well as 'communication' have been used. Further information has been gathered by reading articles written by leading management consultants. Each part of the report consists of a theoretical approach how to solve a certain task and an assessment of the current situation.


The survey highlighted two basic problems within Mobile Communication Cambridge: A lack of communication between the senior management and the employees as well as a continuous decrease in staffs' motivation and productivity.

Handy argues that 'leadership, group relations, and organisational structure are the main variables on which the effectiveness of a company depends' (see Handy 1993 p.15). To counteract the decrease in effectiveness even these variables need to be improved.

3.1 Organisational communication and information flow

According to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) organizational communication is

'the provision and passing of information and instructions which enable a company to function efficiently and employees to be properly informed about developments. It covers information of all kinds which can be provided, the channels along which it passes; and the means of passing it.

(ACAS, 1982, p.2; quoted by Holden 2002 p.241)...