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A Management Accountant is someone who helps the managers by using accounting information of the business to deal with business decisions; also they help the business by setting aside money for the business's future endeavors. It's not easy to become a Management accountant, there's a lengthy educational process, but it all pays off when you become certified. Your skills and abilities need to be very good to succeed in this job, since you have someone else's future in your hand, you must do the best job you can.

To become a Management Accountant you first need to earn an accounting degree. The degree Bachelor of commerce is the way to go and by majoring in Certified Management accounting, the path of becoming a Management Accounting is set. Your studies will include auditing, business law, computerized accounting, taxation, strategic management, managerial accounting and business communication. During the program, students can choose to take co-op to gain experience and money to help support themselves.

Once you earn your degree, you have not totally become a certified Management accountant. You must write an examination in which you have to get a Grade of C or higher. Then complete a two-year CMA Strategic Leadership Program, while doing so, you will receive a vast knowledge and understanding of the management accounting environment.

All in all becoming certified is a very lengthy process, 2 to 3 years in university depending on if you take co-op. Followed by the exam which could take a month to a year depending on how bad you are at it. Then 2 years learning in the management accounting field gaining experience. 4-6 years could be spent on becoming a CMA. Also it could take 6-8 years for someone who spends time in college earning a diploma and then transfers into...